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-Passive fire protection products

Passive fire protection products

Passive fire protection products

Automatic sprinkler, water spray and deluge systems

Passive fire protection products

The specification and installation of fire-resistant products and systems that provide passive fire protection is a fundamental aspect of fire safety. Correctly specified and installed passive fire protection products and systems will deliver a building that resists the incidence of fire to best effect, and in turn provide safety for the occupants and firefighters, and will reduce the potential for property loss.   Passive fire protection is a combination of design, assembly, and material choice. This will include:

  • Protection of structural elements
  • Using materials that do not contribute to fire growth
  • Limiting the toxicity of combustion products
  • Walls and floors that provide compartments to resist the spread of fire
  • Provision of a building envelope to resist fire entering from outside   In addition to careful design and product selection, it is recommended that all products are installed by LPCB approved contractors who have demonstrated their competence.   Passive fire protection products are broken down into the following three headings:-
  • Building products
  • Firebreak doors and shutters
  • Smoke and fire ventilation systems
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