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-ISO 14001 - Environmental

ISO 14001 - Environmental

ISO 14001 - Environmental

Automatic sprinkler, water spray and deluge systems
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ISO 14001 - Environmental

Businesses are increasingly expected by their customers and shareholders to demonstrate their commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of the products they produce or the services they provide. They face a growing number of Environmental pressures including:-

  • Energy prices
  • Water prices
  • Concerns from the public about pollution, climate change and resources)
  • Legislation
  • Environmental Taxes (climate change levy, landfill tax etc)
  • Waste disposal
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Prosecution   ISO 14001 is one clear way of demonstrating a company’s commitment to environmental compliance and provides an assurance to the public, regulators and purchasers that the policies and procedures the companies put into place will:-
  • Address public concerns through their Environmental policy
  • Reduce risk of legal non-compliance (Environmental Protection Act 1990 and a whole host of others)
  • Reduce costs and tax burden (Climate Change Levy and rebates)
  • Improve reputation and marketability
  • Manage environmental performance
  • Minimize energy and resource usage   Audit and evaluation of environmental management systems can lead to products, systems and services that directly improve the quality of life through cleaner, safer and healthier environments.
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