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Standards and Codes of practice

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Standards and Codes of practice
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Standards and Codes of Practice

Our Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) are produced to help ensure that a product or service meets the needs of users or where a new unproven technology is introduced.   The requirements of LPCB schemes are given in LPCB Scheme Documents. These documents are drafted by BRE Global technical experts in conjunction with appropriate external experts. They are then peer reviewed by representatives from trade bodies, regulators, insurers, specifiers, manufacturers and other suppliers.   Finally these documents are approved for use by the BRE Global Governing Body; the body that oversees all of the certification activities of BRE Global/LPCB.   These standards are always open to revision and suggestions for improvement are always welcomed.   Our Loss Prevention Standards can be downloaded free of charge. We also approve to International and British Standards but unfortunately due to copyright we are unable to provide a link for you.   For a full numerical list click here.   The Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) are for information only and should not be used for any other purpose. Their use is subject to interpretation by our experts, and we take no responsibility for their use by others.   Building Product Standards We also have a number of Building Product Standards (BPSs) that have been developed for products and systems where there was no directly applicable recognised standard.   Environmental Standards BRE Global also offers approvals of products and services that can help reduce their impact on the environment. These can be accessed free of charge at   NOTE Any distribution or use of any of the material in our standards may only be done with the written permission of BRE Global Ltd. Those wishing to use or reproduce this standard for any purpose should apply to for training, assessment and a license. A fee will normally be payable.

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