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What is Certification

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What is Certification

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What is Certification?

Third-party certification (or approval) is a conformity assessment process, carried out by a body that is independent of both supplier and customer organisations. It provides confirmation that products and services have met and will continue to meet the requirements of specified standards and other normative documents.   Independent third party certification provides a safeguard as to the performance of a product or service.   LPCB third party product certification schemes are quality assurance schemes and comprise initial type testing and technical evaluation, assessment and surveillance of the manufacturer’s quality system and production procedures, regular audit testing, labelling and listing.   Similarly, LPCB schemes for suppliers of services (installers) are also quality assurance schemes comprising a technical assessment of a contractors capability, assessment and surveillance of the installers quality system and production procedures, regular inspection of completed installations and listing.   Benefits of Third Party Certification A frequent concern of stakeholders is in knowing whether a product will perform in accordance with the stated specifications. These concerns can involve such product attributes as safety, health or environmental impacts, durability, compatibility, suitability for intended purposes or for stated conditions, and other similar considerations. These issues can all be addressed through product certification. For specifiers and manufacturers the benefits of an LPCB certification are:   For specifiers:

  • Risk reduction – specifying LPCB products and services demonstrates due diligence and best endeavor and mitigates against possible accusations of negligence.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes – you can trust LPCB listed products and services to conform each and every time.
  • Time – using Red Book Live to search for and assess products and services can save you time.   For manufacturers:
  • Increased global sales – LPCB certification is recognised and specified widely throughout the world. In some territories LPCB certification is a mandatory requirement.
  • Added value of the product or service – LPCB listed products and services are recognised as providing added value given their ability to conform each and every time.
  • Reduced liability – LPCB listed products and services demonstrate due-diligence which can reduce liability for both you and your customers.   The LPCB mark of approval is The Brand You Can Trust.
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