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The Third Party Certification Process

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The Third Party Certification Process

BRE Global offers independent third party certification to existing British, European, International and its own Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) or Schedules of Requirements. On occasion, certification may be carried out to other nationally/internationally recognised standards where this is appropriate to a particular territory.   Loss Prevention Standards are essentially type 5 schemes, as described in ISO/IEC Guide 17067*, with the added requirement to have a quality management system certificated to ISO 9001 and appropriate surveillance audits i.e. Factory Production Control (FPC).   Product certification schemes comprise:

  • Initial type testing and evaluation of product, sampled by LPCB
  • Certification and surveillance of the manufacturer’s (supplier's) quality management system to ISO 9001
  • Assessment and surveillance of the manufacturer’s (supplier's) factory production control system (FPC)
  • Periodic audit testing of the product from either the factory or marketplace
  • Labelling or marking as appropriate.
  • Listing of the certificated product (service) in the Red Book.

Installer certification schemes comprise:

  • Technical assessment of the installation contractor’s capability
  • Certification and surveillance of the contractor’s quality management system to ISO 9001 or assessment against the requirements of the relevant Loss Prevention Standard where ISO 9001 is not appropriate.
  • Regular surveillance inspections of ongoing installations
  • The issue of Certificates of Conformity to demonstrate compliance for each installation
  • Listing of the certificated installer in the Red Book.   *ISO/IEC 17067:2013, clause 5.3.7 states:   "The surveillance part of this scheme allows for the choice between periodically taking samples of the product either from the point of production, or from the market, or from both, and subjecting them to determination activities to check those items produced subsequent to the initial attestation fulfill the specified requirements. The surveillance includes periodic assessment of the production process, or audit of the management system, or both."
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