OHSAS 18001 - Health & safety

Health and Safety is a critically important issue for all businesses.  It has moved beyond simple compliance with the law and is now part of the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.  Poor Health and Safety performance means loss of reputation, loss of license to trade, lost business and huge extra costs.  Good performance reduces costs and gives you competitive edge.


Regulators such as HSE (Health & Safety Executive) demand compliance with the broad and complex system of Health and Safety regulation.  The risk assessment approach offers flexibility, but should the worst happen, evidence that the organisation has fulfilled its requirements will be needed.  Fines or imprisonment on prosecution for health and safety offences continue to increase.

Other stakeholders such as liability insurers also have an interest in a well-managed Health and Safety systems in organisations.  Insurance rates have been escalating recently and insurers are now much more selective.  Access to insurance with reasonable terms and conditions can also be dependent on good Health and Safety performance, and the systems used to control and demonstrate it.

Problems and Benefits
Construction is among the industries with the highest risk of fatal injuries.  In recent years, along with agriculture, transportation and storage, it accounts for 60% of fatal injuries.  Non-fatal accident rates continue to be a problem, having risen by 20% since 1997.

Absenteeism, business interruption and long term sickness all impact on a companies profitability through lost time, sick pay and failure to complete contracts on time.  In serious cases a manufacturer or construction site can be shut down while the reason for the accident is investigated by the HSE.

The uninsured costs of dealing with Health and Safety incidents, including management time and lost production are between 8 and 36 times the amount recoverable under insurance, not counting lost opportunities. 

The OHSAS 18001 Standard

OHSAS 18001 provides a structured framework by which a Company can identify and manage its Health and Safety risks. 

It allows senior management to:

  • identify risks at an early stage
  • take action to remove or minimise probability of occurrence
  • continually monitor and measure
  • identify weaknesses and improve processes and systems
  • demonstrate compliance and provide support when things go wrong

Why Certification to OHSAS 18001?

Independent third party Certification of management systems to OHSAS 18001 provides insurers and other specifiers with assurance that the organisation takes responsibility for Health and Safety seriously.

It helps confirm that policies and procedures are in place to identify applicable legislation and regulatory requirements, and how these are implemented and maintained.

Through our work we have developed an in-depth industry knowledge in manufacturing and contracting activities for the construction, fire and security industries.  Our certificates are maintained through regular assessment visits and are listed here on this website.

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