Registered Assessors & Professionals

Finding a SABRE Registered Assessor or SABRE Registered Professional

A SABRE Registered Assessor understands the process and technical issues covered by the SABRE scheme. Their role is to interpret the requirements of each issue in relation to a facility, communicate these requirements to their client and liaise with the project team to collate the evidence which supports the assessment report. 

SABRE Registered Assessors undertake bespoke training to prepare them for the demanding role of an Assessor. This starts with a general grounding in security risk management principles followed by scheme specific training to allow them to perform the role. 

SABRE covers a range of security issues and no single Assessor is necessarily a 'technical' expert in all the areas covered by the standard. For this reason, the SABRE Registered Professional role was created.


SABRE Registered Professionals have demonstrable experience in one or more specialist areas of security, including: Threat Assessment, Risk Assessment, Security Strategy, Technical Security Design, and Operational Security.

SABRE Registered Professionals may be called upon to achieve specific credits within the SABRE scheme directly related to these specialisms. These credits are identified throughout the SABRE Scheme Document.

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