Condensed aerosol extinguishing generators

These generators comprise a non-pressurized container filled with a dry solid fire extinguishing compound which, when activated, discharges an aerosol to extinguish the fire. They are designed to be fixed in place for 'total flooding' applications, where the whole protected risk area is filled to achieve a specific design application density.


Subject to satisfactory performance and function tests, including full scale fire tests, these generators can be designated for use against the following classes:

  • Class A (solid surface burning fires)
  • Class B (liquid pool fires)

The selection and specification of fire protection equipment should be based on the completion of a suitable risk assessment and local regulatory requirements.

Generators are typically activated by appropriate fire detectors with the aim of ensuring that they operate early in the fire development phase. Guidance on the use, limitations, safety considerations and precautions, venting and structural strength of compartments, detection, actuation and control arrangements as well as commissioning, acceptance and maintenance procedures can be found in prEN 15276 parts 1 and 2.

Condensed aerosol generators are approved on the basis that they will be installed and maintained in accordance with prEN 15276 and the manufacturer’s instructions.

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