SABRE is a security assessment and certification scheme for buildings and built infrastructure assets. It is a first of its kind, offering:

  • an independently assessed security risk management rating for a facility (SABRE Assurance Rating)
  • the ability to measure and evaluate the security performance of a facility against a range of credible threats and compare that performance against that of the wider sector.


The scheme recognises and rewards good practice and inspires owners, occupiers and operators to measure their performance so they can make informed investment decisions, communicate their security credentials to interested parties and benefit from greater transparency.

The SABRE framework and risk based assessment methodology ensures flexibility in approach, recognising all solutions that offer effective security and raising awareness that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. This approach avoids a checklist mentality to security assessment that will inevitably stifle innovation and may lead to incomplete and ineffective security.

As has been the case with BREEAM, BRE Global’s sustainability certification scheme, we anticipate SABRE certification providing a broad range of benefits to users, including improved attractiveness and value of certificated built assets.

The SABRE scheme is jointly operated by The Security Institute and BRE Group.

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