Personal Protection Systems (PPS)

PPS are local application watermist systems designed to protect a specific area within an enclosed volumetric space (i.e. a room) from fire.  Because PPS are designed for local area application i.e. to suppress a fire within a specific discharge area, care must be taken to ensure that the risk profile is appropriate. A risk assessment needs to indicate that the principal fire hazard is within the discharge area, of one or more PPS. If the fire hazard is not localised then a suppression system that covers the whole of the dwelling or risk area should be specified.

For the purposes of approval, the PPS comprises a set of components, a system manual including a scope of application and the specific detection arrangements that were used in the fire tests.

It is essential that maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Accordingly any system that is not maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions will be outside the scope of this approval and listing standard.

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