Watermist Systems

Watermist systems are employed to provide fire protection in a range of applications against defined fire hazards. They are designed to control, suppress or extinguish fires depending upon the specified fire hazard requirements.


Watermist systems are sensitive to design and application variations it is therefore important that they are only employed with their defined scope of application and utilise only specified components.

A typical system comprises of nozzles which are connected via distribution pipework to a pressurised water supply. The system can either be self-contained or connected via a pumpset to a permanent water supply.

The LPCB approval of watermist systems requires both individual components and complete system fire performance to be assessed. The scope for the field of application of an LPCB watermist system approval is defined within the relevant LPS standard:

  • LPS 1285: Issue 1.1 (Draft) - Requirements and test methods for the approval of watermist systems for use in domestic and residential occupancies.  

For further guidance on the implementation of watermist systems for Domestic and Residential applications see BRE guidance digest DG534 (www.brebookshop.com).

BRE Global offers certification of both individual components and of complete watermist systems.

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