Asset marking systems

LPCB offers certification of asset marking devices to:-

  • LPS 1225 Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of asset marking systems.


LPS 1225 specifies requirements for the composition and performance of an asset marking system such that, when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the asset marking device may:

  1. Enable the marked asset to be traced to the legal owner via a secure database register linked to the marking system employed.
  2. Act as a theft deterrent in the first instance by virtue of known existence.

It is assumed that the part of the asset to which the asset marking device is applied is at least equal in resistance to removal from the asset as the asset marking device employed.

The two-part classification indicates the resistance of the product to eradication of ownership traceability and resistance to complete removal of marking without leaving evidence of previous existence. This gives the end-user the option of selecting a product to suit the required application. Complete removal of the marking and restoration of the asset gives maximum resale value to the stolen asset; however the standard does not take into account replication or replacement of components as part of asset restoration.

The overall classification designation achieved is given by two numerals separated by a plus sign. The first numeral represents the resistance rating to erasure of traceability and the second numeral to complete removal/asset restoration.

The two classifications are both on a scale of one to eight. Classification ‘1’ performance relates to that which should be expected as a minimum for marking devices used in the retail trade and other public areas equipped with CCTV and security staff. Classification ‘8’, on the other hand, is aimed at marking devices applied to assets that have a high value and this will be the subject of a more determined level of effort by the criminal in order to prevent traceability or completely remove the mark.

Long term durability of the system and associated components are beyond the scope of this standard, as are the performance requirements of any covert marking technology incorporated in the system.

Although this standard specifies that the product instructions shall include hazard data, confirmation of the authenticity of such data is not addressed.

All approved marking devices are marked with a unique asset identification code. The LPCB certification mark and reference numbers relating to the marking device and database, and the telephone number of the database will also be marked on the marking device, or where this is not viable, on separate warning labels which are supplied with the marking device.

In addition to LPS 1225, LPCB is currently working with manufacturers and specifiers to finalise standards classifying the performance of "microdot", "trace chemical" and RFID marking systems. Please contact the Security Team (email: for more information.

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