Database management for asset marking

The essential requirements of LPS 1224: Issue 2 Requirements for Secure Database Registers were developed as a result of needs identified by the Police, Insurers and Home Office. LPS 1224 ensured that Police and other legitimate enquirers can confirm ownership of property 24 hours a day while ensuring full details of property ownership are held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


Therefore, under the requirements of LPS 1224: Issue 2, the database operator must:

  1. Have an established track record in the field of asset registration of at least one year.
  2. Operate the database in accordance with a documented set of procedures in accordance with the requirements defined in LPS 1224.
  3. Offer a telephone check line service manned by trained operatives. In accordance with Government policy, the service shall be available 24 hour a day and shall be free of direct charge to the enquirer, e.g. it shall not be chargeable to the enquirer as a premium rate telephone service.

More recently LPS 1224: Issue 3 Requirements for companies providing security asset registration services was developed. This covers database services provided over the internet as well as those which may be accessed using other media.

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