Anti-bandit ATM security devices

A number of ATMs have been attacked while being replenished because this is when the cash cassettes are generally the most vulnerable to removal from the ATM.

LPCB approved ATMs are designed to prevent the unauthorised removal of cash cassettes from the ATM safe when the ATM safe door is open.


The products have been approved to LPS 1175 Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free standing barriers.

LPS 1175 is based on manual attack testing and currently defines eight levels of resistance to entry. These are measured in terms of attack tools and time available to the attacker. This enables specifiers to select products according to the risks that they and their property face. Due to the intended application of these products, the entry criteria used to assess these products in accordance with clause 4.3 of LPS 1175 is defined in the notes relating to each of the products listed.

Although the evaluation and approval covers attempts to remove the products from the ATM safes to which they are fitted, they do not cover the attack resistance of those ATM safes.

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