Access covers and hatches

Many important facilities, especially those of utility companies, are unmanned and remote from the main business. At the request of the utility companies, access covers protecting items such as valves, switchgear and meters are now security rated to provide protection against malicious attack.


LPCB approves access covers to LPS 1175 Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free-standing barriers. The approval procedures and conditions that apply to access covers are the same as those that apply to security doors and shutters.

It is important that specifiers only select access covers that are covered by the scope detailed on the certificate since products that fall outside that scope may not provide an equivalent level of security.

It is also important to ensure that the products are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and that all exposed fixings, the substrate into which the device is fitted and the locking mechanisms are regularly checked to ensure that they are in good condition and that they have not been tampered with.

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