Fixed fire fighting systems

The purpose of LPS 1204  Requirements for firms engaged in the design, installation and commissioning of fixed fire systems is to provide an assurance that fixed fire systems perform correctly. 


It is recommended that the LPS 1204 Certificated Firm is given responsibility for the complete system, including the following aspects:

  • Selection of appropriate gas type
  • Extinguishing design concentration
  • Check on enclosure leakage integrity
  • Discharge and post discharge venting
  • Electrical system integration.

It is a requirement of the LPS 1204 scheme that Certificated Firms shall issue an LPCB Certificate of Conformity in respect of each completed system, extension and alteration. The issue of an LPCB Certificate of Conformity:

  • certifies that the gas extinguishing system, extension or alteration has been designed, installed and commissioned in accordance with the recognised standards identified in LPS 1204, and
  • ensures that the certificated system, extension and alteration is recorded by LPCB.

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