Electrically operated sprinkler heads

 LPCB offers certification of Electrically operated sprinkler heads to:-

  • LPCB Schedule of requirements



Approval Conditions

1) LPCB approved detectors compatible with the control and indicating equipment shall be used;

2) Suitable electrical detection control and indicating equipment compatible with the equipment below shall be used. The control and indicating equipment shall be LPCB Approved/Certificated;

3) Connecting cables shall comply with BS 6387:1994 Specification for performance requirements for cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions, classification C,W,Z or equivalent;

4) The equipment must be installed, operated and maintained as prescribed in the manufacturer's Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manual;

5) To guard against inadvertent operation it is recommended that electrically operated sprinklers be used in conjunction with coincidence detection;

6) Where ‘Metron’ actuators are employed the maximum allowable operating temperature shall not be exceeded;

7) Where ‘Metron’ actuators are used, these shall also be LPCB approved; and

8) The ‘Guidance’ in the Part 3 Section 22 ‘Metron’ Actuators, shall also be taken into account.

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