Alarm receiving centres

ARCs provide reassurance that intruder and fire alarms are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Activation signals are sent to a monitoring centre, where they are filtered for false activations that are neither crime related or caused by genuine intrusions or fires.

In the event of a confirmed signal the police or other relevant emergency services will be contacted on your behalf. ARCs also monitor CCTV systems.


LPCB offers certification of Alarm Receiving Centres to:-

  • LPS 1020 Requirements for Alarm Receiving Centres

The Fire Service’s 'Model Agreement' between the Fire and Rescue authorities and users of remotely monitored fire alarm systems calls for third party certification of both the installer and the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

LPS 1020, when used in conjunction with BS 5979, provides the means to achieve the alarm receiving centre requirement of the model agreement. Third party certification of the installer can be achieved via the LPCB’s scheme for installers based, on the requirements of LPS 1014 Requirements for certificated fire detection and alarm systems firms.

For further details of the ‘Model Agreement’ contact:-

The Chief Fire Officers’ Association
9-11 Pebble Close
B77 4RD

Tel: +44 (0) 1827 302 300

Since the Alarm Receiving Centres must have links to the appropriate fire brigade mobilisation centres, the list includes details of the fire authority areas for which they are approved.


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