Alarm transmission systems

Alarm transmission equipment (ATE) forms a vital part of any alarm system installation. It guarantees an alarm event is reliably and quickly transmitted to the alarm receiving centre. This then ensures a prompt and appropriate human response.


LPCB offers certification of Alarm Transmission Systems (ATS) to:-

  • LPS 1277 Requirements for LPCB approval and listing of Alarm transmission equipment.

LPS 1277 brings all the various Alarm Transmission System (ATS) requirements relevant to the UK fire and intruder alarm market together. It also deals with any omissions and ambiguities of existing European and national standards.

The aim is to help specifiers and end users to confidently select or recommend ATS – through reference to a single approval scheme – at a performance level (e.g. ATS 1 through to ATS 6) and type (e.g. single/dual transmission path) appropriate to the risk being managed.

The requirements of LPS 1277 Issue 3.0 are based on the EN 50136 and EN 50131 series of European Standards. While it builds on and clarifies these Standards, typically in areas relating to intrusion and hold up alarm systems,

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