Fire detection and alarm systems

A fire detection and fire alarm system is typically made up of a number of inter-linked components including detectors, manual call points, and alarm sounders connected to control and indicating equipment by means of one or more transmission paths. All system components, including the control and indicating equipment are also connected to a power supply directly or indirectly.


A fire detection and alarm system may be linked to other systems such as fire protection, or building management systems. These other systems are not considered as part of the fire detection and alarm systems.

The fire detection and alarm systems may be networked together. Networked systems are evaluated by ensuring that each control panel connected to the network can operate as a stand alone unit, in the event of failure of the network connections, and that failure of a control panel will not affect other control panels on the network.

Each of the components that constitute the fire detection and alarm system may be individually tested and approved against their appropriate standard to demonstrate their own performance and reliability but in order to ensure their compatibility and performance together within the system, certain system tests and requirements must be fulfilled.

LPCB offers certification to the following standards:-

  • LPS 1054 Requirements for the evaluation of component compatibility for fire alarm systems. This standard was designed for the UK market and applies to systems incorporating control and indicating equipment and power supply equipment complying with EN 54-2 Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Control and indicating equipment and EN 54-4 Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Power supply equipment respectively.
  • EN 54-13 Compatibility assessment for system components which is applicable to the EU market
  • LPS 1653 Requirements for Network fire detection and alarm systems.

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