Suppression systems

Sprinkler systems are only effective if designed, installed and maintained correctly. LPS 1048 Requirements for the approval of sprinkler system contractors in the UK and Eire ensures that installers are capable of designing, installing and maintaining sprinkler systems to acceptable installation standards.


Specifiers should only use Sprinkler Contractors that are LPS 1048 approved to the appropriate level depending on the type of sprinkler work required.

In order to ensure that a sprinkler system is effective, specifiers should always request an LPS 1048 Certificate of Conformity. An LPS 1048 Certificate of Conformity may only be issued for a sprinkler system, installation or extension or alteration that is in full compliance with one of the acceptable installation standards.

LPCB offers approval of sprinkler contractors to the following standards:-

LPS 1048 Requirements for the approval of sprinkler contractors in the UK and Ireland (see above)

LPS 1148 Requirements for contractors engaged in the design, installation, commissioning and servicing of automatic sprinkler systems is a new scheme for installers of automatic fire sprinkler systems based overseas. This scheme is open to all Contractors operating anywhere in the world except the UK & Ireland where LPS 1048 applies and also in the Netherlands where LPCB operates different schemes for installers of automatic sprinkler systems 

LPS 1301 Requirements for the approval of sprinkler installers in the UK and Ireland for residential and domestic sprinkler systems has been developed to cover the non-commercial market.

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