CE Marking and European Directives

BRE Global is designated as a Notified Body for the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the Marine Equipment Directive (MED), and is a Technical Assessment Body for the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).


The relevant mark shows that a product meets minimum regulatory standards of health and safety as laid down in the Directive. It is not a quality mark and does not necessarily relate to the functional performance of the product. In addition to the technical requirements of the relevant directives there will also be a quality or factory production control (FPC) element that is audited by the notified body as part of the Directive requirements for maintenance of ongoing certification.

BRE Global Ltd issues Certificates of Conformity under the BRE Global brand to manufacturers for the purpose of marking of their products according to the Directive (i.e. CE/Wheel/Pi). Unless these products also meet LPCB approval requirements, they are not eligible for Red Book listing, or to be marked as LPCB approved. 

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 

On 1st July 2013, it became a legal requirement for construction products within the scope of harmonised European Standards to carry CE marking if they are to be placed on the market in the UK or Europe.This is now a Regulation (replacing the Construction Products Directive). A Regulation means that it is a legal requirement throughout the EU member states and applies to manufacturers, importers, or distributors of affected construction products placed on the market in the UK and Europe. The CPR requires all construction products covered by a harmonised European standard to have a declaration of performance (DoP) drawn up and to be CE marked (European Conformity marked). Construction products covered by this regulation cannot be legally sold in the UK or within the rest of the Europe if they do not comply, even if the product is an established one.

Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 

The European Directive for Marine Equipment (96/98 EC) was ratified on 30 June 1998 and came into force on 1 January 1999. The current Directive is 2014/90/EU. The purpose of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) is to enhance safety at sea and the prevention of marine pollution through the uniform application of the relevant international instruments relating to marine equipment for which EC-type approval certificates are issued. 

A Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has been published under Directive 2004/425/EC relating to some equipment categories allowing dual certification and marking. BRE Global can provide both MED certification and USCG approval either together as a package or as individual options for fire protection systems. BRE Global is also an approved USCG accepted laboratory for some equipment that is not included in the MRA. The MED applies to ships registered under the flags of EU member states as well as Norway and Iceland. Equipment approved under the MRA or direct USCG approval applies to ships registered under the flag of the USA.  



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