Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems for Catering Equipment

The LPCB Approval Scheme for fixed fire extinguishing systems for catering equipment has been developed to provide protection against the specific risks posed by oil fires in cooking appliances used in catering or food production establishments.


Product Testing

The listed systems have been assessed against LPS 1223 Requirements and Testing Procedures for Approval of Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems for Catering Equipment. This standard not only addresses the fire extinguishing performance of the system but also includes the performance of the detection and associated control systems. The requirements of LPS 1223 include:

Design manual assessment

Component testing, including pressure testing

System discharge tests

System fire detection and extinguishment tests

Long term ageing tests

Traditional extinguishing agents do not readily extinguish catering equipment oil fires because they do not provide a sufficient cooling effect to reduce the cooking oil to below its auto-ignition temperature. The fire extinguishing tests in LPS 1223 recognise this requirement together with the need to ensure that neither the composition of the agent nor the manner in which it is discharged onto the fire causes flaming oil to be ejected.

All listed systems are subject ongoing audit programmes.

Authorised installer requirement

Such fixed extinguishing systems rely upon competent designers and installers and as such LPS 1223 contains requirements placed upon the listed manufacturers to ensure they maintain adequate control over their authorised installers.

Fish and chip ranges

Fish and chip ranges are a specialised type of catering equipment that require special consideration with regards to protection, based on the position and orientation of the extract system.

Unless otherwise stated in the individual product entries, the listed systems are not approved for protection of fish and chip ranges.

Note: LPS 1263:Part 1 Fire Performance Requirements for Kitchen Extract Systems. has also been developed to provide additional protection against potential fire spread in the extract ductwork associated with grease filtration systems.


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