Plastic pipes and fittings

This section lists products approved in accordance with:-

  • LPS 1260 Requirements for testing plastic pipes and fittings for sprinkler systems.


The ‘scope of use’ of plastic pipe shall be agreed between the plastics suppliers, purchaser/installer, authority having jurisdiction and/or insurer in accordance with documented supplier ‘Installation Instructions’ but subject to the following criteria taking precedence.

1) Use of plastic pipe and fittings is subject to water authority agreement for the district or territory concerned.

2) LPCB Approved quick response sprinklers shall be used with exposed (i.e. fire exposure) plastic pipe and fittings.

3) Plastic pipe and fittings are suitable for use only with wet pipe systems.

4) Use of water additives is only permitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

5) Care should be exercised to ensure that the adhesive joints are adequately cured, in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions, prior to pressurisation.

6) Plastic pipe and fittings shall not be installed outdoors.

7) Where plastic pipe and fittings are exposed (i.e. fire exposure), the system shall be installed close to a flat ceiling construction.

8) Sprinkler systems which employ plastic pipe and fittings shall be designed where possible to ensure there are no ‘no flow’ sections of pipework in the event of sprinkler operation.

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