Construction Products

Construction products assessed by BRE Global for 'Technical Approval' (or Certification) are based on the intended use of the product and take into account the UK Building Regulations, the Essential Requirements from the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and other directives as necessary. Most of the BRE Global Technical Approvals are for products and systems for which there are no directly applicable recognised standards and a Technical Approval has been granted. Where British, European or other recognised standards apply, we also approve products against these standards.


The granting of certification depends upon the type testing and initial factory assessments meeting the relevant standards and scheme requirements laid down. Certification is maintained by regular factory production control surveillance visits and, where specified, the testing of audit samples to ensure that the product continues to be made in exactly the same way.


We are currently changing the way that we approve and certificate construction products with the result that we will not be issuing any new National Technical Approvals.

This does not affect the validity of current Technical Approvals. These will remain valid for three years from their date of issue.


We can provide approval in support of CE Marking via European Technical Approvals to harmonised product standards.

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