ISO 9001 - Quality

Certification of a company’s Quality Management System to ISO 9001 demonstrates its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and allows it to measure its performance in delivering products and services against an agreed standard.


The benefits of certification to ISO 9001 include:

• Increased consumer confidence and satisfaction
• Improved processes and operations
• More effective systems
• Fewer risks to  business activities
• Better internal communications

It is important to understand that ISO 9001 does not provide an assurance to the user or specifier that actual products or services conform to requirements, as testing or examination is not carried out to corresponding product or service standards. Therefore, no marking of specific products or installations is permitted. Each approved company’s certificate and Red Book listing defines the scope of activities that have been assessed under the management system.

For companies operating in the fire and security areas, our ISO 9001 certification is offered in the name of LPCB.

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