Gaseous Systems

The approval of the gaseous fire suppression systemsis based on the following assessment programme:

  • LPCB approval of system components;
  • Assessment to the relevant parts of ISO 14520 - Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems or EN 15004 - Fixed Firefighting Systems - Gas Extinguishing Systems;
  • Testing to LPS 1230: Requirements for Fire Testing of Fixed Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems;


  • Review of the system design manual, software programme and installation & maintenance manual specified in the system approval Listing



1. Gases used for extinguishing fires are generally hazardous to health. In selecting a system, specifiers are advised to carry out proper risk assessments based on the latest health and safety datasheets.

2. LPCB strongly recommends that the design and installation of these systems be carried out by a Certificated LPS 1204 company (see Part 4, Section 1).

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