Sprinkler Heads

LPCB offers certification of Sprinkler heads to:-

  • EN 12259-1 Fixed firefighting systems. Components for sprinkler and water spray systems. Sprinklers
  • LPS 1039 Requirements and testing methods for automatic sprinklers
  • LPCB Schedule of requirements


LPCB recommends the removal and testing of sprinkler heads from a system after 25 years and every 5 years thereafter. The areas from which the sprinkler heads are removed should take account of the different makes and models used and variation of atmospheric conditions. LPCB further recommends that sprinkler heads are replaced where problems are found. 

KEY to abbreviations in the listings 

Each entry includes the nominal orifice size in millimetres and the temperature ratings in degrees centigrade. 

†    indicates glass bulb sprinkler head; all others are fusible element sprinkler heads.


●    indicates that a corrosion-resistant coating for the body and yoke of the sprinkler has been approved under the LPC Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations. 

The type of sprinkler is indicated by the following abbreviations:


Type LPS  EN 12259-1
Conventional (upright and pendent) CUP, CU/P CUP
Conventional (Upright) CU CU
Conventional (Pendent) CP CP
Spray (Upright) SU SU
Spray (Pendent) SP SP
Spray, recessed (Pendent) - RP
Flat spray (Upright) - FU
Flat spray (Pendant) - FP
Sidewall (Upright and pendent) WUP, WU/P WUP
Sidewall (Upright) WU WU
Sidewall (Pendent) WP WP
Sidewall (Horizontal) WH WH
Sidewall, recessed (Horizontal) - RWH, WHR
Sidewall, concealed (Horizontal) WHSCC
Sidewall, dry (Horizontal) DWH
Sidewall, dry, recessed (Horizontal) RDWH
Sidewall, flush (Horizontal) WHF WLH
Sidewall, extended coverage (Horizontal) WHEC -
Conventional, dry (Upright and Pendent) CDU/P CDUP
Conventional, dry (Upright) CDU CDU
Conventional, dry (Pendent) CDP CDP
Spray, dry (Upright) SDU SDU, DSU
Spray, dry (Pendent) SDP SDP, DSP
Conventional, flush (Pendent) CF CLP
Spray, flush (Pendent) SF SLP
Spray, dry, flush (Pendent) SFD SDLP
Spray, dry, recessed (Pendent) DRSP
Spray, concealed, dry (Pendent) CCDSP
Spray, recessed (Pendent) SR SRP
Spray, concealed (Pendent) SK SCCP, CCP, CCSP
Early suppression fast response ESFR -
Early protection enhanced coverage EPEC -


  1. A dash (-) indicates that the type is not recognised in the standard concerned.
  2. Concealed (CC) sprinklers are not allocated a response time category (in the listings) as there is no requirement in EN12259-1 for testing or classification. Thus, Concealed sprinklers are listed as incorporating either 5mm or 3mm bulb.  No response classification should be implied or inferred from the stated bulb size.  

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