Smoke & fire ventilation Systems

The purpose of a Smoke and fire ventilation product or system is:-

  • To keep escape and access routes free from smoke.
  • To facilitate fire fighting operations by creating a smoke free layer.
  • To delay and/or prevent flashover and the subsequent full development of the fire.
  • To protect equipment, furnishings, contents, etc.
  • To reduce the thermal effects on structural components during a fire.
  • To reduce damage caused by thermal decomposition products and hot gases.


The list and purpose of products approved under 'Smoke and fire ventilation systems' includes:-

  • Fire dampers - to maintain compartmentation where air distribution ducts pass through compartment walls and floors.
  • Fire resistant ductwork - to maintain compartmentation when air distribution ducts pass through compartment walls and floors where fire resisting dampers are not used to provide the compartmentation. Also to achieve the same fire resistance in terms of integrity, and if required insulation, as required for the compartment walls or floors.
  • Smoke duct systems - to prevent the transmission of smoke and combustion products from a fire zone, and to control the pressurising and excess air relief within pressurisation systems.
  • Smoke curtains - to create a smoke reservoir by containing and limiting the travel of smoke; to channel smoke in a predetermined direction and to prevent or retard smoke entry to another area or void.
  • Powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilation fans - to channel heat and smoke in a predetermined direction and to prevent smoke logging of the protected space.
  • Grease filters used in commercial kitchen extract systems - to reduce flammable and volatile grease droplets from the cooking exhaust of commercial cooking equipment

To view a list of standards to which we offer approval of the above products, please click here.

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