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Certificate No 1199c to EN 54-2: 1998 CIE and EN 54-4: 1998 Power Supply N.B This certificate is to a withdrawn standard. Control and indicating equipment conforming to this standard is not suitable for use within the jurisdiction of the European Union (EU). This certificate, to the withdrawn standard, is maintained because control and indicating equipment meeting the withdrawn standard is still requested by some regulators outside of the EU.

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.

1, 2 and 4 loop analogue addressable control and indicating equipment

Incorporating as modular units:

     ZP3-MB2-4L             4 Loop Main board

     ZP3-MB2-2L             2 Loop Main board

     ZP3-MB2-1L             1 Loop Main board

     ZP3-CPU1                 CPU board

     ZP3-DB1                 Display board

     ZP3-ZB50                 50 Zone LED board

     ZP3-CB1                 Commissioning key switch board

     ZP3-PR1                 Printer Kit

     ZP3AB-SCB-D          Control bus driver

     ZP3AB-RL8                  Programmable relay output board, 8 way

     ZP3-AB-MA8         Programmable monitored output board, 8 way

     ZP3AB-OP24         Programmable transistor output board, 24 way

     ZP3AB-MIP8         Programmable input board, 8 way

     ZP3-Xl                 230Vac Power supply unit

Approved with the following options from BS EN54 Part 2:

7.8                 Output to fire alarm devices

7.9                 Output to fire alarm routing equipment

7.10                 Output to fire protection equipment

7.11                 Delays to outputs

7.12                 Co-incidence detection

7.13                 Alarm counter

8.3                 Fault signals from points

8.4                 Total loss of power        

8.9                 Output to fault routing equipment

9.5                 Disablement of addressable points

10                 Test condition

11                 Standardised input/output interface





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