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Certificate No 060a

Flow switch automatic tester system

Product LPCB
Ref. No.


Guidance and approval conditions.
Zonecheck shall be installed in accordance with Project Fire Products Limited ‘Instruction Booklet’, but subject to guidance below  taking precedence.
  1)    The Zonecheck system circulates, but does not draw-off water from the sprinkler system and consequently does not test any zone or control valves.
2)    System approval based on use with LPCB approved and listed flow switch.
3)    Effective operation of the Zonecheck system should be monitored.
4)    In the event of any servicing being warranted on this system, it shall be ensured that this does not impair effective sprinkler protection.
5)    Provision to test flow switches in the normal way (LPC Sprinkler Rules) should also be incorporated.
6)    It shall be ensured that the associated pipework is adequately vented and charged hydraulically.
7)    The automatic means of operation and recording does not form part of this approval.



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