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Gulf Cable & Electrical Industries Co. K.S.C.P.

Sulaibiya Industrial Area 1
Street 5
PO Box 1196

Tel: +965 24645500
Email: • Web:

Certificate No 1661a to BS 7846:2015 Category F2 & F120 EN 50200:2015 Class PH120 EN 50200:2015 Annex E IEC 60331-21:1999 BS 8519:2010 Clause 11 Category 3 BS 5839-1:2017 (Clause 26.2d) BS 6387:2013 Category CWZ

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GC Fire 2A Super

Product LPCB
Ref. No.
GC Fire 2A Super 1661a/01



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C1661a-02 Gulf Cable & Electrical Industries Co. K.S.C.P.


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