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Walter Kidde Portable Equipment Inc. (Trading as Edwards, A Carrier Company)

8985 Town Center Parkway
FL 34202

Certificate No 902c-(cl-1) to EN 54-3:2001 + A1:2002 + A2:2006, EN 54-23:2010

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.

Genesis E-Version Temporal Sounder- Beacon


1.   Approved with backboxes G1xB-MP and 27193-xx
2.   Meets the requirements of EN 54-3 at the following tones: -

        - Continuous 3200Hz (interrupted at 40Hz)

        - Temporal 3200Hz (interrupted at 40Hz); 2 pulses 0.5s on / 0.5s off,

        - 1 pulse 0.5s on / 1.5s off, repeat

3.   The wall mounted VAD meets the requirements of EN 54-23:2010 for the following:
    - Category (light pattern details):

          @15cd (W-3.0-2.8 or W-2.5-3.3)

          @30cd (W-4.4-4.5)

          @75cd (W-6.0-7.5)

          @110cd (W-6.5-8.4)

    - Synchronization

    - Flash rate 1Hz

4.   x denotes housing colours

           Blank = White housing

           R        = Red housing

           F        = White housing with Fire Marking

           RF      = Red housing with Fire Marking



    G1B-MP       White back box, G1 Series, plastic
G1RB-MP    Red back box, G1 Series, plastic
27193-16       White back box, Surface, metal
27193-11       Red back box, Surface, metal



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