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Walter Kidde Portable Equipment Inc. (Trading as Edwards, A Carrier Company)

8985 Town Center Parkway
FL 34202

Certificate No 902a-(cl-2) to EN 54-3:2001 + A1:2002 + A2:2006
Certificate No 904f-(cl-1) to EN 54-3:2001 + A1:2002 + A2:2006

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.

Genesis E-Version Temporal Horn


1.   Approved with back boxes G18-MP and 27193-16.

2.   Meets the requirements of EN 54-3 at all volumes and the following tones:

      Continuous 3200HZ (interrupted at 40Hz)

      Temporal 3200HZ (interrupted at 40Hz); 2 pulses 0.5s on / 05s off, 1 pulse  

      0.5s on / 1.5s off, repeat.

3.   X denotes housing colours

      Blank = White housing

      R = Red housing

      F = White housing with Fire Marking

      RF = Red housing with Fire Marking




1. Meets the requirement of EN 54-3 with Continuous and Temporal tones and operating voltages of 16-33 VDC

2. Certified for use with G1RB-E and G1WB-E back boxes

3. This is a Type A Indoor Device

xx = RF or RN or WF or WN

RF is Red with Fire Marking

RN is Red with No Fire Marking

WF is White with Fire Marking

WN is White with No Fire Marking


Sounder Base


1.   Certified for use with fire detector models - SIGA-IPHSI, SIGA-PHSI, SIGA-PSI, SIGA-IS and SIGA-HRSI.

2.   Meets the requirements of EN 54-3 with steady and temporal tones and operating voltages from 16-33 VDC.

3.   Certified for use with AB4G-SB Surface mounting box.

4.   This is a Type A device.



AB4G-SB     Surface Mounting Box
    G1B-MP       Back box G1 series, white
    27193-16    Back box, surface white
G1RB-E    Red Back Box
G1WB-E    White Back Box



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