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Certificate No 1330h-(cl-4) to EN 54-2: 1997 + A1: 2006 & EN 54-4: 1997 + A1: 2002 + A2: 2006

Control and indicating equipment

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.

1 to 4 loop Intelligent Addressable Control and Indicating Equipment

Incorporating the following modules:

7010200004        TX7004 Mother Board

7020100022            TX7004 Main Board

7010700017            TX7004 Loop Board

7010400011            TX7004 Power Management Board

7010600019            TX7004 Communication Board

7010400012            TX7004 Power Wiring Board

PDF-150-27.5    Power Supply Unit

7021300007            TX7004 Key Board

7020800009            TX7004 Led Board

7010300010            TX7004 Regional Display Board

814400002             TX6940E Printer Module

Certified with the following options with requirements from EN54-2:

7.8 Output to fire alarm device(s)

7.10.1 Output to fire protection equipment - Type A

7.11 Delays to outputs

7.12.1 Dependencies on more than one alarm signal- Type A

7.12.2 Dependencies on more than one alarm signal -Type B

7.13 Alarm counter

9.5 Disablement of each address point        

  1. Test condition


  1. The scope of the approval does not include the operation of the network functionality
  2. The product approval does not constitute compliance with the fire detection and alarm system requirements of EN54-13.




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