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Certificate No 1450g to EN 54-2:1997 + A1:2006 & EN 54-4:1997 + A1:2002 + A2:2006

Control and indicating equipment

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.

1-4 Loops Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Incorporating the following modules:

TC5109-Main                Main board

TC5109-Loop                Loop board

TC5109-XZB                Loop base board

TC5109-Key                Keypad board

TC5109-ZX                Zone and FPE indicator board

TC5109-LCD                Display board

TC5109-SCR                Indicator board

TC5120-RS485                RS485 board

TC5000-MAIN-CAN        CAN board

TC5109-LB1                Filter board 1

TC5109-LB2                Filter board 2

TC5109-POW                Power Supply Equipment

Certified with the following options with requirements:

7.8 Output to fire alarm device(s)

7.10.1 Output to automatic fire protection equipment Type A

7.10.2 Output to automatic fire protection equipment Type B

7.10.3 Output to automatic fire protection equipment Type C

8.3 Fault signals from point

9.5 Disablement of addressable points


1. This product approval does not constitute compliance with the fire detection and alarm systems requirements of EN54-13.

2. Scope of approval does not include the operation of the network functionality.





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