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Certificate No 360b-(cl-1) to EN 54-2:1997 + A1: 2006, EN 54-4:1997 + A1: 2002 + A2:2006

Control and indicating equipment

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.
HFP Latitude

2 to 8 Loop Analogue Addressable Control and Indicating Equipment

2 to 16 Loop Analogue Addressable Control and Indicating Equipment

Incorporating the following units:

S721         LCD Main Processor Board

S722         Main Back Board

S723         Network, Ethernet & IFAM Interface Module

S758         Dual  loop Module (Hochiki protocol)

S769         System Board A module

S770         System Board B Module

S771         Zone LED Board

S787         Vision Unit

S768             Thermal Printer Assembly

S406-06         5.25 Amp Power Supply Unit

Incorporating the following optional modules:

S408        10.25 Amp Power Supply Unit

S772         16 Channel I/O card  

S791         8w Relay card

S792         8w conventional zone card

S788         Media gateway card

S793         4w sounder card

S786         4 slot expansion board (used for extension for the optional I/O boards)

Certified with the following Options with requirements from EN 54-2:1997

7.8         Output to fire alarm device(s)

7.9.1         Output to fire alarm routing equipment

7.9.2         Alarm confirmation input from fire alarm routing equipment

7.10.3         Output to type C

7.10.4   Fault monitoring of fire protection equipment

7.11         Delay to outputs

7.12.1   Dependencies on more than one alarm signal - Type A

7.12.2   Dependencies on more than one alarm signal - Type B

7.12.3   Dependencies on more than one alarm signal - Type C

7.13         Alarm counter

8.3         Fault signals from points

8.9         Output to fault warning routing equipment

9.5         Disablement of addressable points

10         Test condition


1. The CIE is approved with Hochiki & Argus Vega protocols via the S758 card.

2. Scope of certification does not include the operation of the network functionality.

3. This certificate does not constitute compliance with the fire detection and alarm systems requirements of EN 54-13.

4. The HFP Latitude CIE is certified with the M5 & M6 shallow enclosure and D5 & D6 deep enclosure.





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