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Orient Corporation Pte. Ltd.

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Certificate No 176c-(cl-1) to EN 12094-1: 2003, EN54-2: 1997 + A1: 2006 + A2: 2007 and EN 54-4: 1997 + A1: 2002 + A2: 2006

Control and indicating equipment

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.

Conventional three zone "class A" extinguisher control panel

Incorporating the following units:

        SPF0000203        Main extinguisher control

        SPF0000212        External relay interface

        SPF0003613        Power supply unit

        SPF0000214        EP214 terminator

Incorporating as modular units:

        EP210S        Remote Status Unit "Surface Mount" optional (See Note 1)

        EP211        Economy Status Unit optional (See Note 1)

Certified with the following options with requirements from EN 12094-1:2003

        4.17        Delay of extinguishing signal

        4.18         Signal representing the flow of extinguishing agent

        4.19         Monitoring of the status of components

        4.20        Emergency hold device

        4.21        Control of flooding time

        4.23        Manual only mode

        4.26        Triggering of equipment outside the system

        4.27        Emergency abort device

        4.30        Activation of alarm devices with different signals

Certified with the following options with requirements from EN 54-2:1997

        7.8        Output to fire alarm device(s)

        7.11         Delays to the auctioning of outputs fire alarm devices and fire
                        routing equipment

        7.13         Alarm counter

        10              Test condition


1.        Optional Remote Status Unit part No. EP210S & Economy Status Unit part No. EP211
        are not certified as meeting the requirements of the standards specified.

2.        Meets the requirements of EN12094-3:2003, Class A - i.e. operational temperature

        range of -5°C to +40°C.





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