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Certificate No 594e to LPS 1230

Kidde Inert Gas System (400 Series) - IG541



Design Concentration


Ref. No.

Class A Standard

(Solid fires e.g. Paper, wood, plastics)

39.1 %

Design concentration includes 30% safety factor


Class A Cables  

(Solid fire risks including Cables)

42.1 %

Confirmation that minimum safety factor is adequate


Class B

(Liquid Fires e.g. heptane)

44.6 %

Design concentration includes 30% safety factor



This system is suitable for storage in environmental conditions from -20°C to +50°C
Storage pressure is specified as 200 bar or 300 bar @ 15°C.  System pressure is specified as 55 bar.
This system uses:
Components as listed in Part 4, Section 2.1 and as described in
Kide Fire Protection Inert Gas System (400 Series) Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual:    
P/N 06-237518-001, dated July 2018, Revision AA which utilises the following software

Software Programme:   Kidde Fire Protection - Flow Calculation v 4.00,  
                                     Licensed to Kidde Fenwal  
                                     Copyright: Jensen Hughes Inc
Design concentration Class A Standard and Class B = Extinguishing concentration x safety factor (minimum 1.3).
Design concentration Class A Cables System test concentration.  Where this value is lower than the Class A Standard value, the Class A Standard value should be used for design purposes.
Design concentrations are as tested to LPS 1230 in BRE Test Report Number P102562-1002.
Extinguishing concentrations are as verified in BRE Test Report Number P102562-1001



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