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Certificate No 010h to EN 54-5:2000 +A1:2002, EN 54-7:2000 +A1:2002 +A2:2006 & CEA 4021:2003

Multi-Sensor/Multi-Criteria Detectors

Product Description LPCB
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Discovery Analogue Addressable Multisensor Detector

(45681-209 and 45681-210 bases)


1. Certified at the following settings:

Mode 1 - High sensitivity smoke detector with standard heat enhancement

Mode 2 - Smoke detection only

Mode 3 - Medium sensitivity smoke detector with standard heat enhancement

Mode 4 - Low sensitivity smoke detector with high heat enhancement

Mode 5 - Class A1 heat detector

Also approved in conventional alarm modes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

2. Approved with Apollo Discovery, XP95, and S90 digital communication protocols that have been configured for the Discovery multisensor detector in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.



46581-209    XP95/Discovery standard deep mounting base
45681-210    XP95 Mounting base



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