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Bainbridge International Limited

Unit 8, Flanders Park
Flanders Road
Hedge End
SO30 2FZ
United Kingdom

Tel: 01489 776050 • Fax: 01489 776055
Email: • Web:

Certificate No 1058a to LPS 1207 Issue 3

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Wall Cover Guard, Floor Cover Guard

Product LPCB
Ref. No.
Wall Cover Guard CG 0636TF/CG0672TF 1058a/01
Floor Cover Guard CG1036DP/CG1072DP CG1336DP/CG1372DP CG2536DP/CG2572DP CG4036DP/CG4072DP 1058a/02



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C1058-06 Bainbridge International Ltd


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