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Certificate No 987b to EN 54-2: 1997+A1:2006EN 54-4:1997+A1:2006

Control and indicating equipment

Product Description LPCB
Ref. No.

Two loop analogue addressable control and indicating equipment    

Incorporating the units:

200087-AU-1           CPU board

200101-AD-1           Main board

200101-AG-1           Multi-functional board

200101-AK-1           Linkage control board

200101-AP-1           Switch board

200101-AQ-1           Drive board

200101-AX-1           Zone indication board

200101-PS2            Power control board

PDF-150-24             Switching power supply

Certified with the following options with requirements from EN 54-2: 1997

7.8        Output to fire alarm devices

7.10.3        Output to fire protection equipment - Output type A

7.12.3        Dependencies on more than one alarm signal (Type C dependency)

7.13        Alarm counter

8.3         Fault signals from points                             

9.5        Disablement of each address point

10        Test condition





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