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LPS 1500 approved installer of fire resisting compartmentation system

Certificate No. 1169PIb to LPS 1500: Issue 2

Company assessed and approved for installation of fire resisting compartmentation systems approved by LPCB to LPS 1208.

LPS 1531 approved installer of passive fire protection products

Certificate No. 1169PIa to LPS 1531: Issue 1

Company assessed and approved for installing or applying passive fire protection products under the following scope:
Appendix 1 - Penetration, cavity barrier and linear gap seals
Appendix 3 - Intumescent coatings to structural elements

LPS 1271 - Fire and security door and shutter installers

Certificate No. 1169PIc to LPS 1271 Issue 2

Approved installer of:  
- Fire Doors and Doorsets

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