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Gulf Security Technology Co., Ltd.

No 80 Changjiang East Road, QETDZ, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, 066004, China
Tel: +86 0335 8502434 • Fax: +86 0335 8502532
Email: • Web:

Red Book entries for Gulf Security Technology Co., Ltd.

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Section Title Product/Service/Person Certificate/LPCB No. More info.
Line units DI-9302E 548m/08 more
Line units DI-9305E 548m/06 more
Line units DI-9319E 548m/07 more
Line units I-9301 548m/02 more
Line units I-9319 548m/03 more
Manual call points DC-9204E 548g/07 more
Manual call points DC-9204E-HK 548g/09 more
Manual call points - 548g more
Manual call points DI-9204E 548g/08 more
Manual call points DI-9204E-HK 548g/10 more