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Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory L.L.C. (FIREX)

P.O.Box 22436, Industrial Area 13, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 6 5340300 • Fax: +971 6 5340090
Email: • Web:

Red Book entries for Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory L.L.C. (FIREX)

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Section Title Product/Service/Person Certificate/LPCB No. More info.
Quality systems - LPCB - 863 more
Pillar fire hydrants - 1280Aa more
Pillar fire hydrants FX16-082S 1280Aa/02 more
Pillar fire hydrants FX16-083S 1280Aa/03 more
Pillar fire hydrants FX16-117S 1280Aa/01 more
Pillar fire hydrants FX16-117T 1280Aa/04 more
Manual call points FX-0217 506d/01 more
Manual call points - 506d more
Inlet breechings APDR2-100-BI 863d/01 more
Inlet breechings APDR4-150-BI 863d/02 more
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