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Shaoxing Jia Sheng Fire Fighting Equipment Co. Limited

No 30, Zijin Road, Tianjia Industrial Zone, Xiaoyue Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, 312367, China
Tel: +86-575-82039618 • Fax: +86-575-82032872
Email: • Web:

Red Book entries for Shaoxing Jia Sheng Fire Fighting Equipment Co. Limited

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Section Title Product/Service/Person Certificate/LPCB No. More info.
Wet landing valves JS02.002.13Q 1366a/01 more
Wet landing valves JS02.002.14Q 1366a/02 more
Wet landing valves JS02.002.16Q 1366a/03 more
Wet landing valves JS02.002.18Q 1366a/04 more
Wet landing valves JS02.002.19Q 1366a/05 more
Wet landing valves JS02.002.56 1366a/06 more
Wet landing valves Wet Landing Valves 1366a more
Inlet breechings Inlet Breechings 1366b more
Inlet breechings JS06.002.01A 1366b/01 more
Inlet breechings JS06.002.02B 1366b/02 more
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