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Suzhou HLC Plastics Industry Co. Ltd

No. 103 Fengbeidang Road, Beiqiao Block, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, China
Tel: +86 512 65366918 • Fax: +86 512 65360646
Email: • Web:

Red Book entries for Suzhou HLC Plastics Industry Co. Ltd

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Section Title Product/Service/Person Certificate/LPCB No. More info.
Semi rigid hoses 19mm Fire Hose (1) 1038b/01 more
Semi rigid hoses 25mm Fire Hose (1) 1038b/02 more
Semi rigid hoses 33mm Fire Hose (2) 1038b/03 more
Semi rigid hoses CSJ Semi-Rigid Hose 1038b more
Fire hose reels 'CSJ' Fire hose reels 1038a more
Fire hose reels CSJR-01-A 1038a/12 more
Fire hose reels CSJR-01-B 1038a/05 more
Fire hose reels CSJR-02-A 1038a/06 more
Fire hose reels CSJR-02-B 1038a/07 more
Fire hose reels CSJR-02-C 1038a/17 more
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