The latest LPCB Red Book listings

This list is amended monthly. These listings are dynamic and new certifications are added daily and there are also products and services that are suspended or withdrawn. For an up to date list of all valid certifications, please use the search function, check the pdfs on the home page or if still in doubt contact us and we will be happy to advise.


Gulf Security Technology Co., Ltd DC-9101E-B & DI-9101E-B Commercial combination heat / photoelectric smoke detector

Honeywell Control Systems Limited trading as Honeywell Building Solutions LPS 1014 Fire detection and alarm systems firm

DEF LDMA Manual call point

Design and Supply Limited DS4 hinged security doorsets

CLD Fencing Systems Ltd Lockmaster S2 Auto and Lockmaster S3 Auto Security gates

Siemens Switzerland Ltd OOH740 & FDOOT241-A Commercial multi sensor detectors and FDOOT221 Multi sensor detector with SCI

Fire Design Solutions Limited LPS 1014 Fire detection and alarm systems firm

Ningbo Sentek Electronics Co. Ltd SK40 & SK50 Domestic smoke alarms

A-1 Fence Products Company Pvt. Limited KAWACH 35B3 security fencing system

Armor Safety and Security New range of Sounders, Commercial heat, smoke and multi-criteria detectors

Labor Strauss Sicherungsanlagenbau GmbH FI750/MCP & FI750/MCPIP67 & FI750/RF/MCP Manual call points

Advantronic SL AV411AL & AV411ALE & AVW411AL Manual call points

Lehavot Production & Protection (1995) Ltd WCK Restaurant fire suppression system 

Shah Bhogilal Jethalal & Brothers ’AAAG’ Delivery hose couplings and ’AAAG’ Wet landing valves


Integrated Fire Safety Systems Limited LPS 1014 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Firm

Finder Elektronik A.S. FF FCP500 and FF CF608 Control and Indicating Equipment

Assa Abloy Ltd T/A Assa Abloy Opening Solutions UK & Ireland Door Group Powershield Clandeboye Hinged security doorsets

Siemens Switzerland Ltd OP360 Commercial smoke detector; HI360 Commercial heat detector and FDCI361, FDCIO361 Line unit with SCI

Mavili Elektronik Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S. ML-1410 Maxlogic Sounder; ML-1420 Maxlogic Wall strobe; ML-1430 Maxlogic Wall sounder and strobe; ML-1410 SCI Maxlogic Sounder; ML-1420 SCI Maxlogic Wall strobe and ML-1430 SCI Maxlogic Wall Sounder and Strobe


Detectomat Systems GmbH AVS3000, AS3000, AVS3000A and AS3000A Sounder

Ceasefire ‘CEASEFIRE’ & ‘SECUREZONE’ Portable Fire Extinguishers 


Texecom Ltd TCC-00XX Sounders and sounder beacons

Misr Fire Fighting and Industrial Security ‘MORX’ Fire hose reels

Beijing Leader Huaxin Electronics Co. Ltd LD6800ED-1 Line units

Ultra Surefire Limited LPS 1204 Certificated fixed systems firm

Frontier Pitts Limited Terra Security gate and Terra Vehicle security barrier

Pinnacle Fire Protection Limited LPS 1048 Approved sprinkler contractor

ENGIE Services Limited LPS 1014 Fire detection and alarm systems firm

Shah Bhogilal Jethalal & Brothers ‘AAAG’ Inlet breechings

Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd SPC-E, SPC-ET, SPC-ET(HFP) Commercial beam detectors

Shield Fire Safety and Security Ltd SW-3230 Commercial heat detector; SW-3210 Commercial smoke detector; SW-3220 Commercial multi-criteria detector; SW-5000 & SW-5500 Manual call points; SW-2230, SW-2220, SW-6310, SW-6210 and SW-2210 Line units; SC-4020 and SC-4050 Alarm warning devices

Finder Yangin Güvenlik Elektronik Sistemler Mühendislik San. ve Tic. A.S FF ESF100+FF LX200 Sounder and Alarm warning device


Kidde-Fenwal, Inc. Kidde Fire Systems Natura™ Inert Gas Systems Fixed fire-fighting components

Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd ACC-E(WHT)-SCI, ACC -E(HFP)-SCI, ACC-EN(SCI) & ACC-EN(WHT)-SCI Commercial multi-criteria detectors; ATJ-E(WHT)-SCI, ATJ-EN(SCI), ATJ-EN(WHT)-SCI & ATJ-E(HFP)-SCI Commercial heat detectors

Resguardo Industries Pvt Ltd Resguardo Automatic Fire Sniper FK-5-1-12 Direct Low Pressure (DLP) application fixed fire suppression systems

Lochrin Bain Limited Lochrin Combi SL2 Security gates

FARE OC-OIEx Commercial smoke detector

Shield Fire Safety and Security Ltd Mikro Control & indicating equipment

Rapidrop Global Limited Range of Sprinkler heads

Frontier Safety Ltd UK FRN 97 Alarm warning device base

Siemens Switzerland Ltd FDOOT241-A3 and FDOOT241-A9 Commercial multi-sensor detectors

Sunray Engineering Ltd ExcluDoor 1, ExcluDoor 1 FR; ExcluDoor 2 & ExcluDoor 2FR hinged Security doorsets

Tanda (UK) Ltd TX7302 Alarm warning device base

Fire King Security and Safety Equipment FireKing’ Fire hose reels; ‘FIREKING’ Mobile fire extinguishers and ‘FIREKING’ Portable fire extinguishers


Eaton MEDC Ltd DB3B 54D Alarm warning device (ATEX)

Misr Fire Fighting and Industrial Security ’MORX’ Hand-held branchpipes

SensorTech Firefighting and Safety Equipment Trading ‘WETPLUG’ Portable fire extinguishers; ‘WETPLUG’ Mobile fire extinguishers and ‘WETPLUG’ Fire hose reels

Tanda Development Pte TX7004 Control & indicating equipment

Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co Ltd A9097B Alarm warning device

Ningbo Kingdun Electronic Industry Co Ltd KD-122LC and KD-122LE Domestic smoke alarms

Brilliant Lighting Limited ABA-6-24, ABA-8-24, ABA-10-24 Alarm warning devices

ASI Oy Ltd (Argus Spectrum International) ARF-WL8-HS & EKHO Brand Alarm warning devices and ARF-WL8-IN & EKHO Brand Line units

DEF ETCL, ETCL-B, and ETC230L-B Line Units

Beijing Leader Huaxin Electronics Co. Ltd LD10001EN Alarm warning device

Fortress Protec Limited Defence System Extreme Lattice Security barsets

Frontier Safety Ltd UK FRN 3002 Control & indicating equipment


JOD Engineering Services Ltd JOD Access cover

Argus Security Srl SGCP200 Manual call point

EJ Ardennes Defenso FE SR4, Defenso RE R90 SR4, Defenso RETRE R90 SR4 and Defenso TRE R90 SR4 added to the range of Horizontal access covers

EL.MO. Spa SNI01C Commercial smoke detector; SNI02C Commercial heat detector and SNI03C Commercial multi-sensor detector

Ceasefire Industries Private Ltd TI-002347A Manual call point

Argus Spectrum International ARG-WL8-EXP, ARG-WL8-TRV, ARG-WL8-OUT, ARG-WL8-IN and ARG-WL8-TRH Line units; Range of Wireless commercial detectors and Range of Wireless audible warning devices

Lochrin Bain Limited Lochrin Defender SL3 Security fencing system; Lochrin Defender SL3 Security gates; Lochrin Combi SL2 Security fencing system and Lochrin Combi SL2 Security gates

ASI Oy Ltd (Argus Spectrum International) Range of Commercial detectors, Manual call points, Line units and Audible warning devices


Henry Squire & Sons Limited SS50S Inigma, SS50CS Inigma, SS65S LEV3 Inigma, SS65CS LEV3 Inigma, SS80S Inigma, SS80CS Inigma, SS100S Inigma, SS100NW4, SS100CS Inigma and SS100CNW4 Padlocks added to the approved range

Frontier Safety Ltd UK FRN 20 Commercial heat detector; FRN30 Commercial smoke detector; FRN 56 Line unit; FRN 57 Line unit; FRN 60 Manual call point; FRN 91 C, FRN 91 and FRN 92 Alarm Warning Device and FRN 205-01, FRN 205-02, FRN 205-04, FRN 205-05 Domestic smoke alarms

Lochrin Bain Limited Lochrin Combi Security fencing system and Lochrin Combi Gate Security gate

Al Tahadi Security And Safety Equipment Trading 205-004 and 205-005 Omex Domestic smoke alarms

The Expanded Metal Company Ltd ExMeshTM Class 1 Security gates and ExMeshTM Class 1 Security fencing system

Wizmart Technology Inc NB380-H2, NB380-H2L, NB380-H4R, NB380F-H2, NB380F-H2L, NB380F-H4R Commercial heat detectors; NB380-S2, NB380-S2L, NB380-S4R, NB380F-S2, NB380F-S2L, NB380F-S4R Commercial smoke detectors and NB380-SH2, NB380-SH2L, NB380-SH4R, NB380F-SH2, NB380F-SH2L and NB380F-SH4R Commercial multi-Sensor detectors

Ceasefire Industries Pvt. Ltd ‘CEASEFIRE’ Mobile Fire Extinguishers - additional models

Watania for Trading and Engineering (Sherif Shaker & Corp.) Watania’ Fire Hose Reels

Cross-Guard Limited CX2 Security grilles; Sun Safe System Vault and Ventis Server Safe Server security cabinets; Extendor Vulcan Security grilles; Extendor Vulcan modular Security cage, Extendor Eclipse Security grilles and Extendor Eclipse Modular security cage

Tanda Development Pte Ltd TX7130 Beam detector              

Finder Yangin Güvenlik Elektronik Sistemler A.Åž FF O600 Commercial smoke detector (FF BS600 Base) and FF T600 Commercial heat detector (FF BS600 Base)

CGT Security Limited Vortex Plus Security shutters

Argus Spectrum International ARG-WL8-CP Manual call point

Eaton MEDC Ltd DB3B 54W Alarm warning device

Hesdo BV SA-210 and RM-012 Domestic smoke alarm

KMW Systems SRL KM-FC5100 and KM-FA6100 Commercial smoke detectors; KM-FC5110 and KM-FA6110 Commercial heat detectors; KM-FC5200 and KM-FA6200 Alarm warning devices; KM-FC5300 and KM-FA6300 Manual call point; KM-FA6120 Commercial multi-criteria detector; KM-FA6420, KM-6410and KM-FA6400 Line units


Cochrane Steel Products (Pty) Limited ClearVu 2 Security fencing system

ASSA ABLOY Security Solutions Metal Industries Factory LLC ProSecure 2 hinged Security doorsets and ProSecure 3 hinged Security doorsets

Rezontech Co., Ltd. RFD-2000X Flame detector

Ceasefire  Industries Private Ltd TI-002279A Heat detector; TI-002277A Smoke detector; TI-002278A Multicriteria detector; TI-002280A Wire to wireless translator module; TI-002283A, TI-002282A , TI-002255A & TI-002253A Line units and TI-002257A Manual call point

Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection Equipment Co., Ltd TCMK5260 Loop isolator

Dualmist International Limited DualMist automatic low-pressure Water mist nozzles

Bahri & Mazroei Technical Systems Co LLC URANUS BM30 FE 180 PH30 Fire resistant cable

Newage Cables Pvt Ltd NF 1000 Fire resistant cable

Ceasefire Industries Private Ltd TI-002232, TI-002233, TI-002272, TI-002273, TI-002272+TI-002260 and TI-002273+TI-002260 Sounders; TI-002226 Manual Call Point; TI-002271 Beacon; TI-002267, TI-002268, TI-002216 and TI-002215 Heat detectors; TI-002265, TI-002212 and TI-002211 Smoke Detectors; TI-002213 Multi criteria detector and TI-002214 Smoke & Heat  Detector

Shanghai Huiying Industry Co Ltd DT-122LA Domestic Smoke Alarm

Siemens Mobility Limited C53228/1 Standard Security Location Case Secure cabinet and C53229/1 High Security Location Case Secure cabinet

Norden Communication UK Ltd FIRENOR PREMIUM CABLE Fire resistant cable

Honeywell Security UK Ltd Honeywell MAXPRO Intrusion & Hold up system Control and indicating equipment

Misr Fire Fighting and Industrial Security MORX Fire hose reels

Finder Elektronik A.S. FF O500 Smoke detector; FF T500 Heat detector; FF CP500 Manual call point, FF-MIC500 Input/output module and FF LSB550 Sounder strobe

The Viking Corporation Residential sprinklers

Lochrin Bain Limited Lochrin FlatGuard and Lochrin 358 Security fencing systems; Lochrin FlatGuard Gate and Lochrin 358 Gate Security Gates

Henry Squire & Sons Limited STH100c Padbar

Horing Lih Industrial Co Ltd EDB01 Beam detector

Argus Security Srl ALCP100 & AI-CPW-R-01 Manual call points

Dudley Safes Limited Europa 2 MK3 and Europa 3 MK3 free-standing safes

Perforated and Stamped Products Limited SS01 and SS02 Secure enclosures

UTC Fire & Security B.V. Supra C500 and Supra P500 Key safes


Siemens Switzerland Ltd FDOOT241-A5 Multi-Sensor detector with short circuit isolator

Consilium Marine & Safety AB EV-PP Multi-criteria detector

Norden Communication UK Ltd FireNor PH30 Fire resistant cable

Clark Door Limited Clark Multigard Level 3, Clark Multigard Level 4 and Clark Multigard Level 5 Security shutter

EJ Ardennes Defenso AT SR4 Beam added to the range of Horizontal access covers

Al Ayed Hoses Factory Semi-Rigid Fire hose

Bradbury Security Inward opening doorsets added to the range of Security doorsets

Barkers Engineering Limited TwinGuard SL1 Security gate

The Expanded Metal Company Ltd Securilath Secure partition wall systems

CLD Fencing Systems Ltd Securus S3 Security fencing system

Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co Ltd A9092T Red sounder with visual indicator

Devar International Holdings Pty Ltd Suresnap cast in Fire collars - H65S H100S H110S H150S


TS Designs Limited PS2 & PS3 Security doorsets and PW2 & PW3 Secure partition walling systems

The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc, Pre-Action control systems 

Masar Fire Engineering ‘ULTRA’ Fire hose reels 

Tyco Fire & Building Products (Part of the Johnston Control Group of Companies (Cranston) ’Grinnell’ Pipe couplings and fittings 

WOPF Befestigungselemente GmbH ’WOPF’ Filbow pipe hangers 

Jactone Products Limited Jactone JT510 Fire blankets 

Tanda (UK) Limited TX7232 Line unit 

Northstone NI Limited T/A CUBIS Industries Citadel Solid-Top Highway Communications Horizontal access cover 

Datwyler Cabling Solutions AG DFS EN BS and DFS ST BS Fire resistant cable

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