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Haci Ayvaz End. Mam. San. Ve Tic. A.S. CLEAN AGENT gas extinguishing systems components & Actuator assemblies 

Ningbo Jintian Fire Fighting Industrial Co., Ltd. Fire Hose Reel Cabinets 

NORDEN COMMUNICATION UK LTD PH30 Improved Fire Resistant Cable 

Eversafe Extinguisher Sdn Bhd Pillar Fire Hydrants 

SESSY AVS3000, AS3000 AVS3000A and AS3000A Sounders 


AIR Fire S.p.A. ARMANfire HFC-227ea Direct Low Pressure (DLP) Application Fixed Fire Suppression Systems 



Apollo Fire Detectors Limited SA5100-400LIM Commercial heat detectors, SA5100-600LIM Commercial smoke detector and SA5100-700LIM Multi-sensor detector

Computionics (trading as C-TEC Ltd) BF430C/CC/SR, BF430C/CC/DR, BF430C/CC/DR/65, BF431C/CC/W Sounders and BF433C/CC/SR, BF433C/CC/DR, BF433C/CC/DR/65, BF432C/CC/W, BF456C/CC/W Visual alarm devices 

Steelway Fensecure Limited t/a Steelway Brickhouse Briplate SUB, Defender SEC 4, Multi-Guard 3, Multi-Guard V3, Sentry, Sentry Lift-Off, Sentry Mk2 and Sentry SEC 47 

Potter Electric Signal Company LLC Water Flow Detectors 

FiWaRec Valves & Regulators GmbH & Co. KG F016 Non-Return Valve 

4 Fire International ApS SMD18-01 Domestic Smoke Alarm

GENCO for Electro-Mechanical Systems L.L.C ‘GENTEC’ Fire Hose Reels

G.B. Electronics Limited trading as GBE Converge LPS 1204 Certificated gas extinguishing firm   

Channel Fire Systems Limited LPS 1014 Fire detection and alarm systems firm 

Eaton Electrical Systems Ltd Smoke detectors – various; Multi criteria detectors – various; Heat detectors – various; Smoke detectors – various; Smoke detectors – various; Multi criteria detectors – various; Multi criteria detectors – various; Heat detectors – various and Heat detectors – various

Nasr Awwadeh Factory for Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment Further ‘NAF’ Fire hose reels added to the range 

Bastion Security Products Limited Bastion Wall and Bastion Wall4 Secure partition walling systems 

Eaton Electrical Systems Ltd EFBW5IN1DET Multi criteria detector; Heat detectors – various; EFXN533 and CPD321 Smoke detectors; Multi criteria detectors – various; CPT341 Multi criteria detectors; M12 Multi criteria detector and FIRECAT Multi criteria detectors 

Bristol Fire Engineering LLC ’BRISTOL’ Fire blankets 

Grupo General Cable Sistemas, S.L. GENFIRE FR 950 07Z-R-M 

Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co Ltd EK3060 Smoke alarm 

Shanghai Mosafe Equipment Co Ltd EK3060 Smoke alarm 

IKEA of Sweden AB EK3060 Smoke alarm 

Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co Ltd EK3060 Smoke alarm 

Tri Management Limited LPS 1014 certified fire detection and alarm systems firm

Elite Security Products MAGDUO Control and Indicating Equipment 

The Viking Corporation Viking Corp Fireking Wet landing valves and Viking Corp Fireking Inlet breechings 

Sentura Group (including Fire Depot and Firechief Global) ‘FIRECHIEF REELMAX’Fire Hose Reels 

CLD Fencing Systems Ltd FenceSafe SR1 added to the range of security fencing systems 

Guangdong Isafenest Co. Ltd LZ-1901, LZ1902 & LZ-1903 Battery Operated Smoke Alarms 

NAJD Electricals & Safety Equipment Trading JST FIRE CABLES Fire resistant cable 

Joris IDE NV JI Vulcasteel Roof 1000 LPS 1208 Composite construction elements 

SWS UK SeceuroGlide Classic Garage door 

Sterling Safety Systems RHT-E Heat Detector; ROP-E Smoke Detector and RMC-E Mulitcriteria Detector 

Tyco Building Services Products B.V. part of the Johnson Controls Group of Companies DV-5a Deluge Valves 

Ampac Technologies PTY Ltd 55000-420AMP & 58000-400AMP Heat Detectors and FL6100-600AMP & FL5100-600AMP Commercial smoke detectors

Buckeye Fire Equipment Kitchen Mister Fixed Fire Extinguishing System for Catering Equipment

Alluser Industrie Srl C3-S1, C3-S2 and C3-S3 added to the range of Security portals

Bristol Fire Engineering LLC ‘BRISTOL’ Fire Hose Reels

Kingspan Ltd Kingspan Level 3 and Kingspan Level 4 modular Security enclosure systems and Kingspan Level 3 and Kingspan Level 4 Secure partition walling systems

Tyco Fire & Security GmbH  Addition of Coloured Housing option to a range of Commercial heat detectors; Multi criteria detectors; Commercial smoke detectors and Manual call points

V-Great Global Corporation VG-6847 Control and Indicating Equipment

Al Rayan Security & Safety Trading SI-6847 Control and Indicating Equipment

Fire Fighter CO Security and Safety Equipment Trading LLC FST-6847 Control and Indicating Equipment 

Clarke Instruments Limited 1491-201-H, 1491-201-S, 1491-202-HF, 1491-202-SF, 1491-203-HFA, 1491-203-SFA, 1491-204-HFA, 1491-211-S, 1491-212-SF and 1491-213-SFA Full height turnstiles 

Asenware Ltd AW-D306 Addressable Sounder Beacon 

Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co Ltd A9091T Addressable Sounder Beacon

Tyco Fire & Security GmbH P80AVW, FC440AVW, P80AVR, FC440AVR, P85AVR, FC445AVR and FC445CAV Zettler and FireClass, and P80AVB, FC440AVB, P81AVB, FC441AVB, FC440CAVB Zettler and FireClass Alarm warning devices (visual alarms) and P80SW, FC440SW, P80SR, FC440SR, P80AIW, FC440AIW, P80AIR, FC440AIR, 4906-5223, P85SR, FC445SR, 4906-5222, P85AIR, FC445AIR - Zettler, FireClass and Simplex Alarm warning devices (sounders)

SWS UK SeceuroDoor 9501 added to the range of Security shutters

Gulf Security Technology Co. Ltd DI-9302E Line unit

Computionics (trading as C-TEC Ltd) CA430A/SR, CA430A/DR, CA430A/DR/65 Alarm warning devices (sounders)  and CA433A/SR, CA433A/DR, CA433A/DR/65 Alarm warning devices (visual alarms)

Etex Building Performance Limited Siniat Securtex Secure partition walling system

Gilgen Door Systems Ltd SL35-S PSXP ESR-1 and SL35-S PSXP ESR-2 and SL35-S PSXP ESR-B Automatic sliding security doorsets

Eaton Electrical Systems Ltd Eaton Enterprise & EFDAU2000; Eaton Cooper Enterprise & EFCDAU2000; Eaton JSB Enterprise & EFJDAU2000 and Eaton Menvier Enterprise & EFMDAU2000 Control & indicating panels

Frontier Pitts Ltd Platinum Hinged Gates SR2 & SR3 and Platinum Hinged Pedestrian Gates SR2 & SR3  added to the range of Security gates

Rapidrop Global Limited RAPIDROP Check valves

Labor Strauss Sicherungsanlagenbau GmbH FI720/RF/CWE  Line unit

Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd YBO-BSB2(BLK)/RL and YBO-BSB2(BLK)/WL Alarm warning devices (sounders)

Assa Abloy Limited T/A Assa Abloy Security Doors ASSA ABLOY Trenchard added to the range of Security doorsets

Kidde Fire Protection Kidde Inert Gas System (400 Series) Gaseous system and Kidde Inert Gas (400 Series) Gaseous system components

Premier Security Solutions Limited Industrial 81, Jansen 81, Jansen FR 81, Jansen TB 81, SBD2-81 and SBD D-81 hinged security doorsets and SBD G-75 & SBD G-81 Security gates

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