September 2019

Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory L.L.C. (FIREX), Sharjah, UAE

Certificate no. 863e (Wet landing valves) was suspended with effect from 12 September 2019

July 2019

Swiftguard, Coulsdon, UK

Cert no. 726a-x3-02 (LPS 1207-Swiftguard Breathable FR Protection) was suspended with effect from 27 July 2019

Core industrial Plastics Ltd, Knottingley, UK

Cert no. 803a-05 (LPS 1207-Breathable Floor Protection) was suspended with effect from27 July 2019

Protec International Ltd, Adlington, UK

Cert no. 843a-22 (LPS 1207-Breather Shield FR) was suspended with effect from 27 July 2019

Basoglu Kablo, Bolu, Turkey

Certificate nos. C1263a; C1263b; C1263c; C1263d & C1263e (Fire resistant cables) was suspended with effect from 23 July 2019

Burton Safes Limited, Holmfirth, UK

Certificate nos. 1000d, 1000e, 1000f and 1000g (Ajax SR2 security grilles, Ajax SR2 modular security cage to LPS 1175: Issue 7, Ajax SR3 security grilles and Ajax SR3 modular security cages to LPS 1175: Issue 6) were suspended with effect from 1 July 2019

Bradbury Security, Scunthorpe, UK

Certificate nos. 312a, 312b, 312g/01, 312h, 312i and 312j (CX2 security grilles, Ventis Server Safe and Sun Safe System Vault server security cabinets, Extendor Vulcan security grilles, Extendor Vulcan modular security cage, Extendor Eclipse security grilles and Extendor Eclipse modular security cage) were suspended with effect from 1 July 2019

June 2019

Flexhead Industries Inc., Holliston, USA

Certificate no. 764a (Flexible Drops) was suspended with effect from 24 June 2019

Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions, Belfast, UK

Certificate no. ASC-007 (LPS 1048 Sprinkler Contractors in the UK and Ireland) was suspended with effect from 17 June 2019

May 2019

KME Italy Spa, Lucca, Italy

Certificate no. 427a/01 (MICO-KME Mineral Insulated (Light Duty) 2 x 4.0mm2 Solid Fire resistant cable) and 427a/02 (MICO-KME Mineral Insulated (Heavy Duty) 1 x 6.0mm2 Solid Fire resistant cable) was suspended with effect from 22 May 2019

Yuyao Lingtong Electric Applicance Industrial, Ningbo Yuyao, China

Certificate no. 1443a/01 (Fire Resistant Cable 2 x 2.5mm2) was suspended with effect from 15 May 2019

April 2019

Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd (NITIE), Mumbai, India

Certificate nos. 855e, 855g, 855f, 855h & 855d (Gaseous system components and Gaseous systems) were suspended with effect from 10 April 2019

Nitin Ventures FZE, Dubai, UAE 

Certificatenos. 010ak-(cl-2), 010ah-(cl-2),010h-(cl-1), 010p-(cl-1, 010q-(cl-1), 010w-(cl-1), 724Ca, 855Be, 855Bf and 855Bd ( Alarm warning devices, commercial detectors ,line units, manual call points, gaseous system components and gaseous systems) were suspended with effect from 10 April 2019

December 2018

Tratos Cavi SpA, Arezzo, Italy

Certificate nos. 222a & 222b (FIRE SAFE TW950 & FIRE SAFE TW950E Fire resistant cables) were suspended with effect from 12 December 2018



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