Counterfeit notices and invalid claims of certification

It is not always possible to reproduce our mark on small products so you may also see "LPC" or "LPCB" on approved products. Unfortunately, forgeries are very common so always check that the certificate or mark is valid by checking the search facility on this website, by e-mailing or by phoning +44 (0)333 321 8811.

Similarly, claims are often made that can mislead the user into believing a product, system or service has certification when in fact it does not. It is common to find phases printed on a product, packaging or marketing material such as designed to ..., complies with..., meets LPS.... Products may undergo testing, fail those tests and still be sold as tested to...

Confusion in the marketplace is also created by commercial organisations such as trade bodies creating new marks and listings which appear to be certification but may not be. LPCB traces its origins to the 1880s and has retained and enhanced its reputation for independence by supporting its listings and marks and by ensuring that any problems with approved products and services are investigated and resolved.

Invalid Certificates

It has been brought to our attention that the following invalid certificates are in circulation.   BRE Global Ltd. maintains a database of all validated certificates, which can be found at which is updated on a daily basis. Always check the validity of any of our certificates prior to acceptance.

Klaxon Signals Ltd to ISO 9001:2015.  To view invalid certificate click here

Note: We are informed that Klaxon Signals is a brand of Texecom Ltd. We are also informed that Texecom Ltd has ISO 9001:2015 certification with an alternate independent third party provider. To link to the Klaxon Signals brand website click  here. Texecom Ltd is aware of the invalid certificate and is carrying out an investigation to identify the source of the invalid certificate.

Ningbo First Promise Trade to EN 671-1. To view the invalid certificate click here

Kolorjet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd  to ISO 9001:2008. To view the false certificate click here

Sheetal Ratan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. to ISO 9001:2008. To view the false certificate click here

ACME D'Ace Marketing Solutions to ISO 9001:2001. Please click here to view the false certificate.

Al Itmenan Fire & Safety Equipment trading as Pulsor Fire of Sharjah, UAE has no current (or previous) approvals from LPCB.

Invalid Claims

CheckFire Ltd has been distributing ‘Commander’ and ‘Commander Edge’ fire extinguishers that incorrectly carry the LPCB Certification Mark. CheckFire Ltd does not presently and have not previously held any LPCB Certification for any products they sell, including ‘Commander’ and ‘Commander Edge’ extinguishers.

Guardian Doors Ltd.  False claims of LPCB certification for Guardian Doors’ products on Guardian Doors Ltd. is not a BRE Global client and does not have LPCB certification.

C-TEC Public Notice - 13 May 2016

Counterfeit Sprinklers - Apr 2013

Counterfeit Sprinklers - Aug 2012

Counterfeit Sprinklers - Jul 2012

Counterfeit Sprinklers - Apr 2012

Counterfeit Sprinklers - Dec 2011

Please let us know ( if any of the issues raised above have been addressed. Notices will be removed from this website once we are aware that inappropriate claims have been removed.

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